Master Your Domains! is a fully automated Domain Management Software as a Service that takes care of all the heavy lifting and lets you run your domain empire.

Automatically deploy as many domains as you want, each to its own unique server in the Cloud, and each populated with regular custom copy from the Crowd.


Easy Bulk Domain Registration domains for $10 per year (including Private Registration). Use our Domain Registration Wizards to find domains by as many keyword combinations as you want. You can also search for geographic combinations. For example, you can search for all available combinations of your keywords and all town names within a 50 mile radius of a city (or search by zip code or state). We're also constantly adding new TLDs as they become available on the market, and we'll always keep our pricing incredibly low. You own your domains and you can transfer them any time you want.

Deploy and Configure Cloud Servers

We launch each of your sites on its own Amazon EC2 server. Each server instance gets its own unique IP address and can handle significant traffic loads. You can also easily increase the size of each instance to handle really big traffic (a great problem to have!).

Choose From Hundreds of Templates

Either manually select a template for each site, or use our Template Spinner to randomly assign each one. We have hundreds of templates to choose from, and we're constantly adding more. Don't see the type of template you want? Or perhaps you would Iike custom integrations with your APIs? Just Let Us Know and we’ll get right on it! Check out our Templates.

Publish Custom Copy

Write your own copy for SEO-friendly pages and posts, or create one-time or recurring assignments for Textbroker's army of highly capable writers to automatically push high-quality, proof-read custom copy to your sites whenever you want.

Manage Media

Upload images and videos to your Dashboard, and then distribute them to your sites as you see fit. When you push any file to one of your sites, it is automatically saved on that site's server so it becomes a local file on that site.

Integrated with Ad Networks for Banners and Sponsored Search Results

Either add your own custom ad codes (e.ggoogleadsense) for one or all of your sites, or we'll hook you up with one of our other ad serving partners. Our sites are configured to easily include keyword-based text ads on content pages and search result pages.

Cancel Any Time

We'd be sorry to see you go, but we're not a perfect fit for everybody. When you register your sites with us, you own the sites and you can take them with you any time you want.

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